Co-Founder, Military Women's Conference

Founder & CEO, Military Home Base

Iris Green is the Co-Founder of the Military Women's Conference, is the Founder and CEO of Military Home Base, and runs a successful real estate business (top 500 of more than 11,000 Realtors in Tampa Bay). She strongly believes in empowering women in business and entrepreneurship -whether it is a for-profit endeavor or a much needed non-profit. As the mother of two teenage girls, Iris sees the challenges still being faced by females in the school and workplace and believes that building the world we work in is the key to gender equality. She has appeared in Military Spouse Magazine, Top Producers Magazine, Army Wife 101, Veterans Take Charge Radio, and various other news outlets. Iris's husband of 20 years is retired from the Army and after 12 moves over the course of his career, they have finally settled in Florida. She has a daughter in high school, one in college, and three dogs.


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